What People are Saying About Yogatique


Minh and Max have worked hard to foster the kind of studio that they would be happy practicing in. The took their combined years of experiences with Yoga studios and Shalas all of the world and created this space unique to Bangkok. with Yogis just like you and the wonderful team of teachers this space would not have happened.

Thank you Yogis of Bangkok…Thank you Yogis of the World

Yoga for all people – Yoga with no attitude – A community space 

 From a Trip Advisor Review in January 2017 –Love this place
I’ve been to 2 classes so far with some friends and they have been wonderful. Very clean, calming, and the instructions are lovely. ❤ Can’t wait to go again!
From a Trip Advisor Review in January 2017 –Great instructors 

I dropped by for two classes while visiting Bangkok. The instructors were excellent! They pointed out tiny adjustments that made a tangible difference in how my poses felt.

From a Trip Advisor Review in January 2017 –My favorite yoga haven! 

I currently live in Bangkok and have spent the past year exploring yoga studios in the area. None of them have the same calming and warm atmosphere that you’ll find at Yogatique. All of the staff here are attentive, friendly and knowledgeable (I’ve been taught by about 6 of their teachers).
You’ll leave a class feeling refreshed and challenged but without being out of your comfort zone. Teachers have a knack of knowing how to get you to your edge within safe limits and always offer a variety of modifications within each posture.
Minh’s classes, with her story-telling and unique teaching style are always a pleasure to be a part of.
A must visit to get your balance back when your senses have been bamboozled by the hum drum of busy Bangkok!

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2016 – must go place for yoga practice
I joined the 7 day pass for only 1700 thb, and try to attend as much classes as i am available, which I enjoy more and more.

Minh is a very good teacher, and she makes you discover your own body in a new horizon. the ambiance is friendly and close, much better and comfortable than those commercial yoga studio. you will find a new meaning of yoga here. even for beginners, it is a good choice for you to start your yoga journey.

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2016 -Fantastic yoga community
Yogatique is a great place to practice yoga, meet new friends and a change your perspective. Minh’s classes warmly support a wide range of yoga practitioners. She provides clear instructions and thoughtful demonstrations to the class along with a inspirational, and often hilarious, words of wisdom. I’m grateful for the encouraging, fun and safe learning environment that Yogatique has provided me for over a year. 

I love the addition of yoga bolsters! A smart yogi uses tools!

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2016Really good
I stayed for 10 days in the room of the yoga studio. I could also follow all the yoga classes. I had a really good stay, Minh and Max are really friendly and helpful and amazing yoga teachers, room is clean and comfortable, good location. I can definitely recommend it. Also the yoga classes are really good and professional. I loved it here!
From a Trip Advisor Review in November 2016 – Made to feel at home 

A relaxing yoga studio in a central location. The owners Minh and Max are very friendly and make you feel at home. I practiced at Yogatique for over a year and loved the classes especially Minh’s; you feel as though they are aimed at you and she motivates you to try new things and push yourself into poses you did not know you could do – Within 12 months I have increased my strength and flexibility to be able to back bend and do a head stand!!
Yogatique provided me with a calm place to practice yoga and make new friends.
Minh and Max thank you so much, will miss you and Yogatique. Till next time Lisa xx

From a Trip Advisor Review in November 2016 – Great instructors, airy clean studio, small classes

I have done a handful of yoga classes before, but am essentially a beginner, and thought that while I was in Bangkok it might be fun to try a drop in class. I arranged a private lesson through Yogatique (I booked several days in advance) because I wanted some 1-on-1 instruction to show me if I was doing the basic poses right, and get some tips, etc. It’s 1500 baht for 1 private lesson plus 1 drop in class.
My lesson was with Minh, who really seemed to know her stuff. While she kept things elementary for me, I felt like she was really pushing me as well, and she gave me useful feedback about posture, my body’s strengths and weaknesses, etc – which was what I wanted. After my lesson I stayed to do an alignment class with Ann. There was only about 5 of us in class, and Ann gave a lot of individual adjustment throughout, so I didn’t feel out of my depth.
I would absolutely recommend Yogatique – although my experience with yoga is limited the instructors seemed very experienced and competent, and also good at teaching. If I was staying in Bangkok I would join the studio for sure, but I feel like I got a lot out of even just my one visit.

From a Trip Advisor Review in November 2016 – Homely, friendly and relaxing 
Beautifully homely ambiance and friendly staff! Did a drop-in beginners class during my trip to Bangkok; the instructor (Minh) was great and the pace was suitable for a first timer. With a class of about 20 students, the atmosphere was lively yet not intimidating. Minh was great at explaining positions – especially if you’re a baby at what specific positions are called, encouraging, and ensuring our posture or poses were accurate to our individual abilities. Basically, I didn’t leave the session unsatisfied or confused. Overall, this is a great place and I highly recommended this studio!
From a Trip Advisor Review in October 2016 –Friendly, relaxing and great yoga!

I really enjoyed my practice at Yogatique. When I came into the waiting area, the staff were friendly and inviting – a great start. They have a great deal for new people (at the time) – if you get one drop-in, you get another free. Was perfect for the traveler.

My first class was more uptempo and energetic, got a really good workout. Things were a bit somber as the King of Thailand had passed away the evening before, but our guide still put us through our paces. It was billed as an experience class and easily met my expectations for that sort of class.

My second class was a beginner class. Very beginner class. Minh (the instructor) did a lot of context setting and explaining; this class was very slow and deliberate. If are you looking to get sweaty, this is not the one. However, I must say that this class proved the maxim, “you can ALWAYS learn something” – I have a reasonable experienced practice, but she really challenged some of my poses (in a positive way) and made me look at some basic poses in very different ways. It was a great reset class. And if you were a beginner, this was also a very good class.

I tend to like more informal places that have a good “local” vibe, so if that’s your style, I recommend this place.

From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2016 – If you love yoga, let Yogatique be your Bangkok experience

After trying on a couple of studios, Yogatique has gone above and beyond the standard within Bangkok. The practice is rooted deep in the philosophy and inspirational nature of yoga, as well as alignment and form. All teachers are qualified and have their own personal flare, which makes for a fantastic longer-term relationship with the studio. Minh and Max, the founders, have gone out of their way to make me feel at home and share their insight on the Bangkok community.


From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2016 – The Best Place to Love and Learn

Yogatique creates a welcoming environment to practice yoga, meet new friends and try something truly fun. Its has lovely facilities, a knowledgeable and caring staff and a convenient location. I’m so happy I found Yogatique, it changed my life.

 Best Yoga Community if the Chaotic City of Angels

I had been doing some research for yoga studio in Bangkok where offers yoga beyond asana and fortunately I came across Yogatique, my great found. The approachable teachers, the variety of classes, the convenient location, not to mention the super kind, friendly yet professional owners, Minh and Max, all these make Yogatique the perfect yoga studio for both Bangkok resident and traveling yogis. Not just another yoga studio but the very warm and welcome yoga communities.

From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2016 – Fun Yoga class abroad

My first yoga class abroad and the flow was just nice except a challenging head stand =p It’s a shame my best friends and I couldn’t go back for a complementary class as we are leaving the next day. We had fun in the class and you just feel like home in that little studio!

From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2016 –  Yoga I learn from

I love the pace, the studio, the true style of yoga this is my place. They recommended many restaurant, true locals that you have to meet! See you soon!


From a Trip Advisor Review in August 2016 – There is only one place in Bangkok to go for yoga and that is definitely Yogatique!!!

I practiced here for over a year and it was more than an amazing experience, which I strongly recommend.

To find a decent studio where I could adjust with the practice, the people and the culture, although being a “farang”, was not so easy and I faced quite some trial (and error) classes at several other yoga studios.
But one day I entered Yogatique! I immediately got a very warm welcome. By then I got the feeling that I did not just find a decent yoga studio, but that I maybe found the perfect place! And that is what it is.

Minh & Max organize this beautiful clean and neat studio, everything you need is provided, they offer a great variety of classes and workshops and they created an amazing community.
To me a perfect yoga home for all kind of yogi’s; inexperienced and experienced, temporary and permanent, long term and short term. When you just only think about yoga it’s a must to check out this place!

Keep up the amazing work and the positive energy guys and for all Trip Advisor readers; Don’t look any further, there is no need to waste your time on that!
There is only one place in Bangkok where you should go for yoga and that is definitely Yogatique!!!


From a Trip Advisor Review in June 2016 – Wonderful Studio, Wished I Could of Stayed Longer

I booked a 1 hour private session for my sister and I. Minh ran the session with us and it was a really great experience. The setting was amazing, nice open space and we were made to feel very welcome. Minh helped us to work on our alignment and took us through some positions we struggled with. The main take away from the session is that your body is different and you need to appreciate that. Some poses you wont do perfectly and you need to work with what you have and keep up the practice. Minh was great and i would highly recommend this studio to anyone visiting Bangkok! Also pick up a yummy Kombucha drink on your way out 🙂


From a Trip Advisor Review in June 2016 – A Peaceful Retreat

I was only able to go to a few classes at Yogatique during my time working in Bangkok but the classes I did make it to I really enjoyed. The studio has a nice community vibe to it and the staff are really friendly. They have affordable passes and deals and offer a range of classes so you are not stuck for choice. I would highly recommend joining Yogatique and will definitely be back again next time


From a Trip Advisor Review in June 2016 – Yoga for you at a good pace and great place!

As someone totally new to yoga I couldn’t have hoped to find a place like Yogatique, owned and operated by (magnificent) Minh and Max, with a team of other yoga teachers. The studio is clean, yoga mats and towels are provided. The atmosphere from the moment you step in is welcoming, encouraging and supportive and that reflects in the classes. Everyone on the mat is nurtured, respected, encouraged and level-appropriately challenged, whether you’re an absolute newbie like me or an experienced super flexible yogi. The people at Yogatique are not judgmental and make it clear that no one needs to be intimidated. You are made to work and to realize that yoga is about you, and your body – not about you in comparison to others. Just 6 classes in I like to think that my poses are getting better and stronger, but most importantly, I have enjoyed every moment of every class. Thank you Minh, Max, and the rest of the Yogatique crew.

From a Trip Advisor Review in May 2016 – Great studio for travelers or locals

I’ve been practicing regularly at Yogatique for three months now and its one of my favorite aspects about life in Bangkok. Minh and Max (the couple who own and run the studio) create a fun and inclusive space where the regulars know one another and travelers are also welcome to drop in. I have taken a variety of classes on all days of the week with Minh, Max, Am, Joke, Emma, Bee and visiting yoga teachers, and the studio offers something for everyone – catering well to different levels of skill and experience. All classes are taken in English, with Thai teachers able to translate for Thai speakers too. The online booking system is really efficient and means you are guaranteed a spot in the (smallish, sometimes full!) studio if you turn up on time. I really appreciate the studio’s efforts to make people feel welcome and constantly improve their offering (with class vouchers, adding an extra shower sometime soon!) and prefer this studio to some of the other well-known ones in Sukhumvit.

From a Trip Advisor Review in May 2016 –Yoga alternative in a hot and busy city 

On a recent long visit to my daughters home in Bangkok I searched for a yoga studio that would be supportive of a body that has not been an active yoga practitioner for a while. This studio was suggested by a friend of hers and I wish that I had the courage to attend earlier in my stay. The studio offers a variety of classes, and advice is given freely of which teacher would be more suited to ones’ practice. I was warmly welcomed by both Minh and Max when I arrived flustered and hot. My classes with Minh were amazing , she is a knowledgeable teacher who easily catered for the different levels of practice within the class. Student’s whose practice was more advanced were encouraged to go that little further, while alternative suggestions were offered to those who required it (like me) demonstrating her skill, intuition and compassion

From a Trip Advisor Review in April 2016- Best Yoga studio in Bangkok

I have been living in Bangkok for almost four years. Not joking, I’ve spent years to find a great spot in Sukhumvit area to practice yoga. I have tried so many places until I came to Yogatique one month ago. Finally, I’ve found the right place for me to practice yoga again. I haven’t been practicing yoga for a long time. But the teachers here really help me to get my own pace on practicing yoga. What can I say? This is the best yoga studio so far in Bangkok. It is always opened for anyone. As long as you enter the room you can get the warm vibe, and couldn’t leave anymore. Wonderful place to practice for sure!!



From a Trip Advisor Review in April 2016 – Excellent yoga studio in Bangkok!

I really enjoyed my full week with the great Yogatique team!! I took the Backpacker pass witch is a 1 week unlimited yoga. It’s really worth it! They offer many types of classes for yogis of all level and give you good advice to improve your yoga journey.

If I have the chance, I would not hesitate to go back and do some yoga with them. Highly recommended! Special thanks to Minh and Max

From a Trip Advisor Review in March 2016  – Yogatique an Oasis in the middle of Sukhumvit – Bangkok

I was visiting my family for 2 months this winter and missed my yoga classes. Just walking into Yogatique and up the staircase and I arrived in an oasis from the hustle-bustle of Bangkok. Minh’s classes are amazing. She is very knowledgeable about the body and gives you adaptive ways that are best for the individual. What a wonderful find!! I will be back!

From a Trip Advisor Review in March 2016  – Lovely Yoga Studio

This studio was quite easy to find even though I was walking from Asok BTS. I love this studio as it was simple and nice. The class was conducted in a spacious and airy room. Like others have mentioned, there’s lockers, changing room and shower facilities. If you need drinking water, they have water for sale. I like it that the classes were not packed and it felt very personal. Minh was very nice and encouraging. I spoke to her after class regarding my knee problems and she shared on things to look out for during class. I’ll definitely go back for classes again when I’m in BKK. 🙂

From a Trip Advisor Review in February 2016 – Loved It
Came for two casual visits during my short stay in BKK…. Great instructors, lovely studio, will be back for sure
From a Trip Advisor Review in February 2016 -Amazing studio
I’ve been to Yogatique a couple times while I was in Bangkok and all of my experiences have been amazing! The atmosphere and energy in the studio are extremely positive and welcoming, I can’t wait to go back!
Letter from a visiting Yogi who was pregnant while she practiced with Minh
 Hi Minh and Yogatique team!
Happy New Year! May 2016 be fabulous for you all.
I had my baby boy! He arrived a month early on the 2nd of Jan. Just as well I think as I was very big and uncomfortable. He was a healthy size at 6 pounds and totally healthy. I had a rough time as after laboring for the day he had to be delivered with forceps and I am still recovering. My yoga practice totally helped me for the labor and the midwife was impressed with my stamina and physical strength.
I hope all is well in Bangkok and at Yogatique. Daniel and I are dreaming of coming over for a holiday later in the year… I hope we can.
Bye for now

From a Trip Advisor Review in January 2016 –Wonderful!!!!

Oh my I had the most amazing walk to this quaint little area where Yogatique is. Am was the instructor for the class, it was the perfect definition of flow! She nailed it on the head. It was challenging, yet calm, peaceful, and relaxing. I felt completely centered mind, body, and spirit after attending this class. What a wonderful way to start the day! I highly recommend this class!
All supplies were provided! Room was open with fresh air, warm to get that detox! Lockers, changing room, and showers are available. I asked questions about the area and Minh provided me with information on where to eat and walk around!

From a Trip Advisor Review in January 2016 – Instructors who care!

I’ve just joined Yogatique as an annual member after a week of trying out the classes and instructors. I was pleased with the cleanliness of the studio and the friendliness upon arrival. The instructors are the main reason I joined! I like that some instructors come around to help your stretch or position and genuinely look to help members. I love that the range of classes allow me to have a great workout or a relaxing stretch depending on what I prefer each day. I’m a very happy new member!

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2015 – Highlight of the trip

For anyone who is looking for a “back to the basics” style of yoga, this is a perfect place!! I dropped in two times. Nice, clean, and open facility and great instructors (much thx to Apple & Minh)!! Moreover, I was soooooo happy to practice yoga with people who seem to value some of the same things as I do. My time at Yogatique was the highlight of my trip to Bangkok and I strongly recommend this place for anyone who is dedicated to yoga or has been in an “off mode” for a while. I am already looking forward to going back to Yogatique. -From Judy-
[Posted on my wife’s behalf. Although I did not attend a class, I visited the place with her, and completely agree with her comments. You helped reduce her stress and made her smile. Well done and thank you Yogatique.]

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2015 – Amazing yoga class!

I had an amazing time at Yogatique! I did 2 classes for closing the year 2015 and my favorite was the one with taught by the owner. We really took the time to understand the impact of the different posture on our body, breathing and stretching a lot. It was wonderful! I recommend this place to anyone of any level!

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2015 –We enjoy coming to Yogatique!

We’ve really been enjoying Yogatique and we recommend it to anyone. Minh is excellent at teaching both beginners and advanced students. The atmosphere is welcoming and serene. Thank you so much for keeping an affordable yoga studio in town, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a community to practice with! We always leaving well exercised and smiling.
My advice to prospective students would be to try this place on off peak hours and times to maximize your experience.
I’m really hoping they can expand soon and offer more classes.
This studio is walking distance from a BTS. They do have showers and bathrooms if you need it. This is “hot yoga” since it is in Bangkok. Bring water or you can always buy it there.

 From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2015 –Amazing studio

We wanted to do some yoga in Bangkok while we were there, so we looked studios up online to try to find something good and reasonably priced. This was it! Yogatique gave us such a good workout and amazing yoga, and it was a small indie style studio, so the class felt very personal. The teachers are so nice and helpful, thank you guys!

From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2015 – First Yoga Class

I wanted to have my first Yoga experience so I emailed Yogatique and book a private beginner class. The class was given by Minh who was very kind and very patiently taught me the very basics of Yoga, not only the positions but also some philosophy behind it.
It was a delightful experience that exceeded by expectations.
Thanks Yogatique and Minh for the experience and for this lovely studio.

From a Trip Advisor Review in December 2015 – Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the possibility to join a Yoga-Session in Yogatique! I liked the calm atmosphere and the vinyasa-Yoga-style lesson! Also i liked to walk and enjoy the nice area around!
I had a stopover in Bangkok before my trip to New Zealand – and i try to come back on my way back home at the end of January!

From a Trip Advisor Review in November 2015 – A Little Yoga Oasis in The City

I could not have been happier that Yogatique was the closest yoga studio to my hotel in Sukhumvit. What a lovely and welcoming atmosphere to practice. I was greeted by Minh (one of the owners) when I arrived. She was so friendly and the studio was prepped for class with Manduka mats, towels, and blocks already in place. The class was interesting and challenging. Yogatique will be my studio for all future Bangkok visits!!

From a Trip Advisor Review in November 2015 – Great for Travelers

I like to keep up my yoga practice while traveling and stopped by this studio twice during a short stay in Bangkok. I chose Yogatique primarily because of the central location and the fact those classes on the schedule are clearly marked English, English/Thai, and Thai. Also, the drop-in rates are very reasonable and more affordable than most other yoga studios I researched.
I was happy I chose to come here! Beautiful facilities with showers and change rooms. The studio is not huge and there is no A/C.  The space is so welcoming and thoughtfully decorated. I love that you can use their mats for free — good quality Manduka mats too.
I believe the owners are Canadian, so I felt right at home. The 2 instructors I had were both very good with interesting sequencing and personal attention (the classes are small). There is a good variety of class times and different styles. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone looking to practice yoga in Bangkok.


From a Trip Advisor Review in November 2015 – Amazing classes & instructors

 I signed up for the backpacker pass (unlimited classes for one week) during my time in Bangkok. I loved my first class so much, I stayed for the next one! I took classes from a wide variety of instructors – each has a unique teaching style, but I felt centered and connected after every class. The space is beautiful and everyone is very welcoming. I truly felt at home in this space. If you find yourself in Bangkok, this place is a must. Thank you Yogatique!

From a Trip Advisor Review in October  2015  My excellent week at Yogatique
Yogatique was part of my excellent week in central Bangkok.  I stayed at Soi 20 & this was just a walk on the overpass & up Soi 23 for 10 minutes. After class I would get an iced shake & have a 2 hour massage . Alternatively I would do some sightseeing and then do an 5:30 pm class. I can’t say enough good things about Yogatique.

From a Trip Advisor Review in October 2015 – Best yoga in southeast Asia!!!!!!

 Yogatique is the best yoga we have come across on our travels through southeast Asia.

Here are our thoughts;
1. They actually give you your second class for free!!!!!
2. Minh is the best yoga instructor. She gives lots of direction and she actually does the class with you unlike lots of other instructors. She really encourages you and makes you feel invincible….. Thanks so much Minh!!!
3. The space is really cool and in a good part of town.
4. Staff are really friendly and helpful.
We would just like to say thank you so much and we will definitely be seeing you if were ever in Bangkok again.
Ps. India is interesting!
Kelly and James =]

From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2015 – Outstanding and personable yoga experience
5 of 5 starsI was in Bangkok for less than 48 hours and I feel like I found a yoga community I could stick with for real–only problem is I’m just visiting and I head back to San Francisco soon! The owner Minh and the teacher Apple were fantastic in welcoming me to an exciting and challenging experience. We spent a good part of the class focusing on the breath and then jumped into a challenging set of yoga movements and balances. 
I spoke with Minh afterward and she could not have been more informative friendly and committed to building a community of like-minded mind body spirit enthusiasts in the heart of busy Bangkok. She explained that she likes to give teachers like Apple the freedom to share their passion and expertise. This means if you are a drop in student like myself, the style you encounter can vary. With Minh at the helm of this mini yoga powerhouse, you can bet the teacher and his/her respective class will be fantastic regardless. Sad Yogatique isn’t in my neighborhood in San Francisco, but I’ll take unique lesson I learned in the class back with me for your years to come. Thanks Apple and Minh!

PS–Minh recommended I stop by her friend’s restaurant May Veggie Home after the class. It was a scrumptious and healthy meal after an intense yoga session. Thanks for the recommendation Minh!

From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2015 – Wonderful teachers and well-located, lovely space
I can’t say enough good things about Yogatique and the people I got to know there. Having been lucky enough to find them soon after their opening, I practiced there as much as I possibly could for several months and still found myself over the moon excited when each work day ended and I could join another class. I’ve since had to move away from Bangkok and Yogatique is one of the places I miss the most.

The owners are kind, generous and have created a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for practicing yoga for the first or thousandth time. The varieties of yoga they offer and the knowledge of the teachers made me feel more confident in and excited about my own yoga practice than ever before.
They truly want all people to ‘come as you are’ and they make everyone feel welcome. The energy inside Yogatique is incredibly unique and invigorating. If you’re interested in doing yoga while in Bangkok, you will be doing yourself a great favor by dropping in at Yogatique. Enjoy!


From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2015 – The most enjoyable yoga session I’ve ever had!!
A true hidden gem for yoga studio in Bangkok! This place is for yoga practitioners who want to escape the crowd and love peaceful & relaxing vibe. Doing yoga here was a good experience for me…Will definitely be going back! Max and Minh, the owners are super nice! and their homemade truffle ball is really tasty and full of good nutrition.
From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2015 – Kick start Your Practice at Yogatique
Having battled to get into Yoga completely at home or when taking classes in my expat home country, Yogatique helped me kick start my yoga practice again and improve it. Being a little emotionally broken at the time, the warmth and friendliness shown by Minh and all the instructors was absolutely fantastic and I think it allowed everyone going there to come to practice feeling comfortable. This was a great environment to cater for everyone’s yoga needs with an awesome lineup of teachers with various backgrounds and teaching styles.

From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2015 – Semi Newbie to Yoga 

Having done a bit of yoga here and there with amazing teachers got me back to yoga for a balanced fitness routine
Being Yogatique is in my neighbor hood I have no excuse not to go
So far I have taken 3 classes with Minh and Apple
As I do a lot of boot camp and cross fit and I’m in my 50’s.  I realized I need something soothing for my stiff body. I can highly recommend Minh and Apple’s session. My hips are amazing soothed and pain-free. I just bought my first 10 session and looking forward to expand my yogalolegy


From a Trip Advisor Review in September 2015 – Best Yoga in BKK

 I have been practicing yoga for about three years. Part of the reason I love yoga is that you get to listen to your mind and body during practice and really let go of stress, tension, etc. I have been to several yoga studios in BKK and this is the only practice I have found that allows you to do that. The instructors are not forceful and they are all knowledgeable about their practice. Thank goodness for Yogatique! Highly recommended!


From a Trip Advisor Review in August 2015 – Best Yoga in Bangkok

By far, the best yoga studio in Bangkok. SUCH a better experience than one of the big chain studios… Yogatique really gets back to the heart and soul of practice. Combine that with a caring owner, personalized advice and suggestions, and challenging yet accessible classes… Yogatique is a MUST for yoga-lovers in Bangkok. The studio reminds me of great yoga in the US or in Bali, which Bangkok had been missing.


From a Trip Advisor review in August 2015 – Nice yoga studio with friendly teachers 
I started my very first yoga class here few weeks ago and then it becomes one of my favorite place in Bangkok. I got the day tripper pass and almost come everyday from Monday to Friday! I simply love the atmosphere and the positive energy here. Everyone is friendly and nice! Teachers are passionate and professional. Thanks for all encouragements! I enjoy every class here!
From a Trip Advisor review in August 2015 – Beautiful space and teachings
I was lucky enough to catch a class at Yogatique whilst I had a short stay in BKK I was made to feel so welcome ….given clear directions there and a variety of tips to travel home and that was without even mentioning the wonderful opening class. I left after class and shower feeling rejuvenated ….city life can zap your energy this fabulous space will top you up beautifully. Thank you to all of the team your warmth welcome and teachings were so appreciated – namaste! hope to see you again x
From a Trip Advisor review in July 2015 – Warm and Inclusive Atmosphere
 I stayed in Bangkok for 10 days and during my stay I went to 6 Yogatique classes.One of the great features of this studio is that a variety of styles are offered, each with a teacher who is an expert in this field. I have practiced different styles of yoga over the years so for me it was great to try several different classes over the space of a week.  I am in the early stages of pregnancy and in all of the classes the teachers accommodated my individual needs.I would describe Yogatique as a friendly, professional, inclusive and caring yoga studio. I felt that everyone sharing the space were equals and that the teachers were really genuine in their passion for their practice and helping the students.I had such a good time I booked in a private lesson with Minh on my last day to get guidance for maintaining a home-practice for the duration of my pregnancy. It was such a great investment and I gained so much more knowledge in that short time.I came away from my Bangkok holiday enthused and encouraged about my yoga practice and really felt I had progressed along my yoga journey.
Thank you Yogatique!
From a Trip Advisor review in July 2015 – Fabulous little place 
 I’ve been dabbling in yoga for a few months now and finally plucked up the courage to take a beginners class at Yogatique. I honestly don’t think I could have found a better place to start my yoga practice. Minh was wonderful and really made me feel at ease. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious and I loved the class more than I ever thought I would enjoy exercising! I’ll definitely be back for another class as soon as I can. Yogatique has classes for all different levels and types of yoga. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to do yoga in Bangkok.
From a Trip Advisor review in July 2015: Just what I needed 🙂 
 I’ve been living in Bangkok for three months now, and was deterred from taking classes at other yoga studios because the prices were higher than in Amsterdam, where I was living previously! By chance, I found Yogatique: a lovely studio close to the Sukhumvit MRT. I decided to purchase a 10-class pass immediately because of its good value and good location! This is the first time I practiced in front of a mirror; although strange at first, it actually helps you adjust your own alignment!
Lastly, I just want to say.. who needs Bikram yoga when there is a fan-cooled studio in the middle of Bangkok? 😉
From a Trip Advisor review in July 2015: Great Search Result! – Highly recommended! –
 My boyfriend and I were planning our first trip to Bangkok together, and I said that I would like to do a yoga class or two if we get the time. I put in yoga class into a search engine, and Yogatique came up as one of the results. I had a look at the website and the Facebook page and thought, yep I will book a private class!  I was greeted by the lovely Minh, who gave me my private session. It was great to have a 1-2-1 session with Minh, who “re-taught” me poses and reminded me of where to pay attention to in my body. I came out of class with an overflow of energy and excitement (along with a lot of sweat, as it was a HOT day!), that I repeated everything back in my hotel! When we go back to Bangkok (and we definitely plan to re-visit Thailand), I will definitely pay Minh a visit and enjoy another class with her! Her energy is contagious! 🙂
Visited June 2015
 From a Trip Advisor review in June 2015: Highly recommended
 I was in Bangkok for a week and bought the backpackers deal – cannot recommend this place highly enough – was made to feel extremely welcome by the owner Minh as well as the other instructors Khru Apple & Emma and will definitely be back on my next visit

From a Trip Advisor review in June 2015: Rejuvenation, strength, clarity, power. A wonderful surprise in a the crazy city of Bangkok

  I did the one week unlimited backpacker pass for 1000 baht and was very sad to have to leave. I tried many of their teachers and what’s great is they all teach different styles and each offer something uniquely special. I thought my transition, my last two weeks in my paradise was going to suck but I found you guys and feel totally completely confident and ready for my next chapter. Thank you Minh and all of the rest of the teachers for bringing me back to myself after losing it for some time. Thank you so much and I hope to see you guys again!


From a Trip Advisor review in June 2015: – Amazing atmosphere

 Warm welcome, kind teachers, nice events, clean and pleasant studio, good schedule, acceptable prices. Warm welcome, kind teachers, nice events, clean and pleasant studio, good schedule, acceptable prices.


From a Trip Advisor review in May 2015 – Every teacher offers something wonderful! 

 I have been practicing at Yogatique only since the beginning of May, but every class I have attended has been lovely. The teachers all have a unique style, so you can get a very diverse practice throughout a week. The studio is just perfect – intimate and clean, well-decorated, and an awesome Bangkok breeze. I love the feeling of the place and I love the way I feel when I leave.

From a Trip Advisor review in May 2015 – Simple yoga. Done right.
 I took 2 drop in classes here my last day traveling through Bangkok before heading home. I was looking to get physically realigned and centered after traveling for 2 months and Yogatique did just that. The studio is just right, everything you need, nothing more, simple clean and elegant. I took Minh’s yoga basics class in the afternoon and she was great, helpful, informative, thorough and effective all the while and easy-going and approachable. Yoga classes can sometimes be so pretentious or intimidating this was refreshingly the opposite… Made people of all levels comfortable in the setting. With one drop in class at 400 baht they give you a coupon for one free class so I was able to squeeze in Fon’s evening vinyassa flow, which was a good, steady pace, got me sweating and feeling loose afterwards. 2 very different classes, on great studio! Thank you, Yogatique! Every class I have attended has been lovely. The teachers all have a unique style, so you can get a very diverse practice throughout a week. The studio is just perfect – intimate and clean, well-decorated, and an awesome Bangkok breeze. I love the feeling of the place and I love the way I feel when I leave.
From a Trip Advisor review in May 2015 – English Yoga Classes Available
 My friend and I were staying at the Landmark and were looking for a nearby yoga class (about 25 min walk, even faster if you take the metro). Yogatique was great! We went back to back two days in a row. They even have a deal where the 2nd class is free. The studio is very clean and has lockers. Everyone was very friendly. Loved it here!
From a Trip Advisor review in April 2015
 Nel cuore della città lo studio offre un angolo di pace e serenita dove praticare con amore e costanza. Curato, molto pulito, gestito da una splendida coppia di “faran” in perfetta armonia con il tessuto sociale Thailandese. Classi in lingua Inglese o Thailandese, per chi volesse praticare anche la lingua. Ottime offerte di pacchetti per la sett o il mese! Lo consiglio vivamente. Inoltre ogni domenica si tengono classi di karma yoga con offerta libera! Nn mancano interessanti workshop con ospiti internazionali! Insomma da provare!
From a Trip Advisor review in March 2015  Yoga-Oase im Herzen der Stadt
 Ein herzliches Dankeschoen DIR MINH! Fuer eine belebende und unvergessliche Yoga-Woche. Mehr noch. Fuer einen Ort des Auftankens, der neuen Freundschaften und des Seins. Wow! Eine wahrhafte Yoga-Perle. Ein MUSS fuer alle Langzeitreisende, Stop overs und Zugezogene. Schlicht und einfach ein Yoga-Highlight (auf meiner dreimonatigen Reise von Nord- nach Suedthailand). Weiterhin viel Freude DIR MINH & Team Love Rena

From a Trip Advisor review in March 2015: Great Yoga Studio in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok

Being at end of my travels in Thailand, I was looking to spend some time getting centered and healthy before my return to the UK. Yogatique was right just a few meters from my hostel, so thought I’d take a look. The studio has a really calm, clean and modern feel to it and they offer an unlimited weekly pass which seemed perfect, so i signed up. I took a class (or two!) each day for the next 6 days, taking a random selection of the classes on offer that fitted in with my schedule. My background in yoga is Ashtanga, and I was very happy that many of the classes were physically demanding and Vinyasa based, but there are also plenty of gentler options on the timetable – would have liked to try the reggae yoga class if I’d had time. Trying the different classes with different instructors (all fantastic), I learned a huge amount in the week, and found everyone very helpful with my questions. Yoga mats, straps, lockers and blocks are supplied as part of the class. I would suggest trying to time the classes at a time of day when you are comfortable with the temperature, as the studio is fan cooled only. Overall, I found Yogatique great value, with friendly/expert staff in very comfortable surroundings and I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in Bangkok.

From a Trip Advisor review in February 2015: Best Yoga in Bangkok
 5 of 5 starsI joined this little yoga studio for a week and a bit and had such an amazing experience with all the teachers and students. The vibe in the place is awesome and i wish i could have stayed longer.
 From a Trip Advisor review in December 2014: Cosy and unpretentious
 Small class sizes means attention to detail and you will get your postures adjusted correctly to suit your flexibility. Publicity through word of mouth seems to be bringing in the crowd as most wandered in after reading or hearing about the place from friends who have attended. Lovely airy bright studio on the top floor, do follow the directions on their website to find it as its off the main soi 23. What I like most is that it doesn’t single out the hardcore practitioners or newbie leisure yogis – all are welcome, even if you just do a drop in class and the teachers will provide options for all levels. We need more of these around
 From a Trip Advisor review in November 2014: Friendly and Authentic
Good quiet location & really new facilities right in the heart of BKK. Classes & teachers are authentic & excited to share! Teachers are friendly & so willing to share & guide. I totally enjoyed myself! affordable pricing too! Not only very good classes but also made a sincere friend.
Thanks Minh! Roy- Singapore
From a Trip Advisor review in November 2014: Lovely Time
We had such a lovely time in our one class in Yogatique (sadly were leaving Bangkok that day so couldn’t attend more). We’ve been travelling for a while in SE Asia and this was the favorite class we’ve been to. With 4 people plus Minh, we were able to receive a lot of personal guidance each as not-so-experienced yogis, but didn’t feel at all out-of-place sharing the class with 2 very-regulars. Minh was a lovely and really fun teacher. The space was beautiful and the studio has a calm and very friendly atmosphere. Check the address/directions carefully first (Google map linked on website) as we didn’t manage to find it the first time we tried without internet (Soi 23 splits off to the right when walking from BTS Asok – you need to take the turn!)

Lifestyle Asia online magazine included Yogatique in their wellness article in November 2014. “Five coolest yoga classes in Bangkok”  “Yogatique is the city’s latest yoga studio and many of the city’s best loved yogis have gravitated towards it for its friendly vibe, beautiful studio (seriously – where else can you find exposed brickwork in Bangkok?) and exciting classes. You’ll find something for you, whether you’re looking for a relaxed, candlelit yoga class (once a month you’ll get wine and chocolate afterwards), an invigorating universal or Ashtanga yoga class, or perhaps a cool One Love Reggae class. The studio even runs free and donation-only classes.


From a Trip Advisor review in October 2014: Definitely worth a visit

I tried Yogatique last week when visiting Bangkok, to fit in a couple of classes during my holiday. The space is beautiful and well fitted out – good quality mats, blocks, and hand-towels are provided. Definitely worth a visit, whether you are a local or visitor to the area! At the time I visited they had a special for first-time visitors, buy your first class and get another visit free.”

From a Trip Advisor review  September 2014: This Studio is my favorite!
 The teachers here are amazing and are kind! Lucy’s Hatha classes are great and always wakes me up! There are also many other classes available. The studio is very clean. There is ample space to store your belongings. Mats, towels and props are also available! Very reasonable pricing! I highly recommend taking a class or two here to check it out.

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