Freeing the Neck and Shoulders with Tara Eden -1,000 Baht

All Workshops are non refundable

November 19, 2018 – all levels – 2 hours workshop

Space is limited

1000 THB
You can pay at the studio or by Bank transfer – please send us a copy of your bank transfer slip for verification
Kasikorn Bank
Yogatique Co., Ltd.
Branch : Two Pacific Place
Savings Account# 637-2-10769-1

Remember in what a supple and flexible neck feels like? What it’s like to have soft comfortable shoulders?
In this 2 hours- all levels workshop, we will start to learn about a spectrum of sensation beyond just feeling pain or discomfort
or the absence of them. It will be an introduction to how to listen to your body in a new, unusual way,
to begin to feel how your spine connects to your shoulders, arms, hips, legs etc.
Using this awareness via safe, gentle and relaxed movements you will learn how your head, neck and shoulder girdle
can efficiently do their jobs – without pain or discomfort.

In this workshop we will explore Awareness Through Movement® (Feldenkrais Method) as a tool for improving mobility and ease in the body, relieving tension/stress and to gain insight into how our habits and compulsive behavior produce unnecessary strain. This work is not about exercise or mastering a technique, it is about improving our awareness to learn new, easeful and efficient ways of moving, thinking and, ultimately, being.

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