Vibrant Health Through Spinal Activation with Jagadish

Vibrant Health Through Spinal Activation with Jagadish – All Levels

Join Kru Jagadish for this all levels workshop.
Members 1000 THB
Non Members 1200 THB

To Pay by Bank transfer – please send us a copy of your bank transfer slip for verification
Kasikorn Bank
Yogatique Co., Ltd.
Branch : Two Pacific Place
Savings Account# 637-2-10769-1

All workshops are non refundable
Space will be limited

Just as physical anatomy includes muscles, organs and skeleton, the energetic anatomy also has components. The understanding of the relationship between the physical and the subtle gives us a way to improve our health and well being.

In this workshop, we will investigate specific yogic techniques designed to facilitate energy flow in the spine. According to ancient knowledge, there is tremendous benefit in channeling our energy through the shushumna, the central energy channel, that runs up and down along the spinal column.

However, most of us are unable to access the shushumna because of the trappings of the modern world. By developing greater control of the senses, we can start the process of freeing ourselves from the dual nature of life: health and disease, pleasure and pain, likes and dislikes. This liberation from opposites ultimately leads us to the classic definition of yoga: union with all that is.

Expect to learn practical ways to make your yoga practice more potent and rewarding in this workshop that is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience or physical limitation

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