Crafting a Memorable Vinyasa Flow with Manu

All Levels are Welcome

1,200 Baht Studio Members
1,500 Baht Non Members

All Levels are Welcome

Please pay by Bank transfer – please send us a copy of your bank transfer slip for verification
Kasikorn Bank
Yogatique Co., Ltd.
Branch : Two Pacific Place
Savings Account# 637-2-10769-1

Workshops are non refundable
Please contact the studio directly to book your payment.
Prepayment is required to save your mat.

This workshop is for Yoga teachers and interested students looking to expand their knowledge on adjusting and cuing in a class setting.

Join Manu for an explorative experience learning the art of crafting a vinyasa flow sequence.

 To create a theme for your class that is personal and meaningful to you, through which your
personality can shine.
 To bring your yoga practice beyond the mat by creating an asana sequence that goes with your
own theme.
 To use props like music and storytelling to create a memorable experience.
 To explore other aspects of yoga.

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