Do I have to pre-register for classes? 

We recommend that you pre book evening and weekend classes to avoid disappointment.  You can use our interactive schedule to book and cancel classes. Our interactive online schedule can be used to sign into classes up to an hour before the class time – it is easy and simple to do. You will be sent an email to confirm your class.

If you book a class and the class is sold out and you are not on your mat at the start of class, we will release your mat to any Yogi waiting at reception.

Classes can be canceled up to two hours before the class start time by using the link that is sent to you in your class confirmation email.  If you are having trouble please call us at 02 662 0172 and we would be happy to help you.

Please note canceling your class after the 2 hour mark counts as a late cancel.

If you’re new come at least 10 minutes early to sign in and get all the new student stuff out of the way.

Please note that beginning February 1 – 2017 we will deducted a class from your pass or one day from your unlimited pass for no shows and late cancels.

If you can not attend, please release your mat to another Yogi



I forgot my mat. Do you have a mat I can borrow?

You don’t need a mat! We provide a Manduka Pro-lite mat, free, for you to use at the studio, just make sure to wipe it down when you’re done. We also have all the other yoga props, that you may need. Towels are also available free of charge.


What do I wear?

You can wear anything you’d normally wear to a gym. Leggings, shorts or any comfortable pants with a t-shirt is just fine. We practice barefoot so no special footwear is necessary (no shoes in the studio please) Gentlemen – please practice with a shirt on.


I have never done yoga before. What classes are appropriate to for me to take?

Yoga Virgins is a super basic beginner class, every Saturday morning at 8 am with Minh, that is the best place to start. We also offer Yoga Virgins  classes with Minh on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 pm. Centered and Connected class with Sabina or Mellow Flow with Non are also good choices. Some of our classes are marked “Yogis With a Bit of Experience Please” on the schedule, you will need to get a few classes under your belt, before you should try these classes.


Oh no! I’m late for class…now what?

We totally understand that things happen…you get stuck behind a tuk tuk in traffic, three trains have passed you at Chid Lom BTS station and there is still no room for you to get on or you can’t get away from your Boss…you get the picture. Just come in quietly and have a seat on the bench at reception until our staff can make a place for you.

If you’re more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed to enter the class


What’s a pass card and how many classes do I have left on it anyway?

When you purchase multiple classes you will get a pass card. Please bring it with you when you come to practice. Also, be sure to note the expiration date of your pass card. If we have your email address, you’ll get a notification when your card is near expiration or low on classes.


Where can I park? 

Like all big cities world wide, parking is an issue and as an inner city studio we are very aware of this problem. We hope as yogis you are thinking of the environment and taking advantage of Bangkok’s  BTS and MRT system, whenever possible. If you are running late, you can catch a motosai outside of the Exchange Tower, the ” Prasmait Alley/Soi 23″ exit. Tell them,  “yoga”, that and 10 baht should get you to us.

The studio can offer limited parking spaces from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. You may park for 90 minutes at a time at the lot just past the studio beside the Sukhumvit Soi 23 Car wash. If parking with us is unavailable, Jasmine City Building at the top of Sukhumvit Soi 23 offers very reasonable parking on the main floor of the parkade. A 10 baht bottle of water at Boots or Max Value will get you enough free parking for a yoga class.

There is off street parking along Soi 23, but of course we can not guarantee a space.

Please do not park at the NARZ lot – it is not public parking


How do I get to Yogatique? 

We have worked hard to ensure that our link on Google maps is correct, you can find that link here. The map on our Facebook page is also correct. We have included a map in Thai as well.



What is your policy on Mobile Phones in the studio?

We are a mobile phone free zone. We have lockers in the studio for you to put your phone in. Mobile phones are not allowed at reception or in the studio during practice. We do not provide WiFi in the studio.


Can I bring my children with me to a Yoga Class?

Please keep in mind that many people come to a Yoga class to have some peace from their day to day lives and what is “normal” to you, may be distracting to other practitioners. Currently our classes are structured for adults and adult bodies, unless the class is specifically  “Kid’s Yoga” or “Mom and Baby Yoga” Our minimum age to practice in the studio is 14 years of age and with parental consent. We do not have facilities to mind children while parents take Yoga classes. Sorry but this also applies to pets.

Please note: Classes in the studio are available only to practitioners participating in classes and not for observation 


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