Being and Becoming -The Essential Self with Elizabeth Rossa – All Levels – 1,000 Baht

All Workshops are non refundable

An In Depth Study and Practice of Forward Bends and Twists – All Levels

1,000 Baht – No Early Bird – Space is limited
To reserve your mat please pay at the studio or by Bank transfer – please send us a copy of your bank transfer slip for verification
Kasikorn Bank
Yogatique Co., Ltd.
Branch : Two Pacific Place
Savings Account# 637-2-10769-1

Workshops are non refundable

Our lives, as we experience them, are a constant flow of ideas, exchanges and relationships.

Therefore, the intention to hold space to pause, breathe and notice that our existence is a pulsing, creative, never-ending unfolding of consciousness as everything and everyone. Essentially we are both being and becoming. We are that dynamic pulsation arising from the ground of undifferentiated Consciousness.

This mindful, challenging practice will creatively explore the internal forms of yoga (mula bandha and uddiyana bandha) through a sequence of poses based in the exquisite Ashtanga tradition as taught by the wildly intelligent, Richard Freeman. A variety of contemplative and meditation techniques as taught by Sally Kempton will also be woven through the practice. Both Richard and Sally continue to be vital sources of Elizabeth’s own learning and her intention is to encourage an expansion of awareness through every cell of your body/mind, while cultivating an experimental approach to discovering your Essential Self with curiosity and wonder.

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