December Promotion 2017

This pass is available to anyone who has not held a pass in the last 12 months. Pass is valid until January 7 – 2017. Pass can not be suspended

2 thoughts on “December Promotion 2017

    • Hello Yogi –
      Please feel welcome to join us.
      You can find the link for our online schedule on both our Facebook Page as well as our website.
      The schedule is interactive; you are able to use to register for any class that you wish without being a member. Classes can be booked up to one hour before the start time.
      You will be sent an email to confirm your class; a link to cancel your class will be attached. Classes can be cancelled up to two hours before the class starts.
      Please note that we cannot accept class bookings or cancellations via phone call, Facebook message or email.
      We suggest that if you are interested in evening and weekend classes you book a spot as these classes can be busier.

      Mat is included in your drop in or price cost.

      Drop in price is 450 THB with a coupon for a free second class with your very first visit.
      Full price list is available on both our website and Facebook page.
      The correct Google map as well as a map in Thai is also available on both our website and Facebook page.

      Please let us know if we can help in any other way.

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