You Are Enough


You are enough.
The words are simple enough, but the meaning is often dismissed
1. There is no perfection. Anyone who believes there is or insists that you should attain that status is not worth your time.
2. There is no goal that you could ever achieve that will convince you that you are enough. If you don’t already believe it before you get there, you still won’t once you do.
3. You are an incredible person.There is something in you that sets you apart from everyone else. You need to find that thing and you need to embrace it. Nurture it.
4. Other people’s opinions, external comparisons, and your own negative self-talk may have brought you to a place where you question your self-worth. Some days are worse than others, but realize that on every day you are enough.
5. As long as you know you are enough, no one can ever tell you that you’re not.
I believe in you

xoxo  Minh sherriSherri (Minh) Lowe is a 200 E-RYT teacher and co-founder of Yogatique Bangkok. She is a fifty-two year old Canadian transplant living in Bangkok. When she is not rolling around on her yoga mat, she enjoys cycling, trying new vegan recipes, a cold beer, talking to random dogs, lingering in coffee shops and exploring Bangkok. When not pursing these activities, she is writing about them

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