Prenatal Yoga Classes start in September

Prenatal Yoga -.There are tremendous benefits to be gained from doing yoga while pregnant. At Yogatique, our prenatal classes offer a chance to build a community of moms, share in the experience of being pregnant, and discuss the world of birth. It is also an opportunity to tune-in and honor both your body and your growing baby. The classes will utilize yoga Asana that build strength and stamina, balance, and breathe work to help support your body as it changes through pregnancy. Learn techniques to calm the nervous system and to connect mind, body, and spirit that will offer benefits for the lifelong journey of motherhood. Class are taught in English.

Our prenatal Yoga classes will start on September 2, 2016.
Classes will be held on Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 am – 60 min classes
700 Baht for drop in or 6,000 Baht for 10 class pass (valid till the birth of your baby)

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