Dancing into Chaos

I’ve always liked the month of June.  
I was born in June, my grandfather’s birthday was two days before mine, my husband also shares a June birth date (and a birth mark, but that is a different story). School ended almost the same day as my birthday. Spring is over and the lilacs are in flower in Alberta and full-blown summer is just around the corner. June has always made me feel free.
As a person born under the star sign of Cancer, I’m very connected to the moon and it’s cycles.  The moon cycles in June always feels like the most important of the calendar to me.
This year is my 52nd turn around the sun and the constant cycle of change has become much more apparent to me. Change often comes with upheaval. I’m OK with change, it is the upheaval that I still have trouble with. Age and a long-term Yoga practice have helped me understand the dance of destruction lays the foundation for creation and sustenance. I also understand, in a more mature way that upheaval can often lead to great growth and a deeper understand of the self. I can’t stop the passage of time or the upheaval that surrounds me, but I can find bliss amid the chaos.
I’ve always liked Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance pose), if you asked me why, I would tell you that on a very superficial level, “it feels good and I think that I look good doing it”. On an anatomic level, the flexibility in my lower back, shoulders and hips allow me to execute the posture with out much struggle. Named for Shiva Nataraja, the King of the Dance, whose ecstatic dance both destroys and crates the universe. Nothing lasts forever.
The name Shiva derives from a Sanskrit root that means liberation. It is  the liberation that comes from understanding your own transcendent nature. Nothing lasts forever. Our mortal form change and die. There is however an energy inside each of us that will transcend the shucking of our mortal coil and continue on. We will each leave our own legacy.
I feel great change around me and I know that chaos will not be far behind.
I steady and surrender to the posture and the change. My heart like Shiva’s heart, the hub of the wheel that remains stable while the chaos and the universe dances around us.
Over the next few months there will be many exciting changes for Max, myself and the studio.I look forward to embracing the change and the chaos to see what happens on the other side.
Stand strong and open your heart Yogis…you have totally got everything under control!
Sherri (Minh) Lowe is a 200 E-RYT teacher and co-founder of Yogatique Bangkosherrik. She is a fifty-one year old Canadian transplant living in Bangkok. When she is not on her yoga mat, she enjoys cycling, trying new vegan recipes, a cold beer, lingering in coffee shops and exploring Bangkok. When not pursing these activities, she is writing about them

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