Hi So vs Lo So Mango Sorbet


You don’t have to try to look to hard to find mangoes in Bangkok, they are in the grocery stores, the markets, fruit vendors and if you stand on any sidewalk long enough someone selling mangoes will pass by. What goes best with mangoes is sticky rice. Unfortunately sticky rice won’t make on the menu for us right this moment, there are carbs and calories galore in this to die for dessert, that and our sticky rice pot is packed away back home in Canada. Not that we would need to have a sticky rice pot here in Bangkok, if I was looking to indulge, I would head to the top end of Thong Lo to Mae Varee Fruit Shop and let them do all the work for me.

Another thing that Bangkok has no shortage of is the so-called “Hi So, the young generation of Thais living the lifestyle of the moderately rich and famous. On the fringes of this group are the young slightly monied expat crowd, that Minh refers to as the “Thong Lo Brat Pack”.
The dessert is neither rich nor famous, but is so low maintenance and fancy looking, as well as low-calorie (121) that I think you will be like us and make it again and again!

2 cups of mango chunks, frozen

1/2 cup of fresh orange juice

1 teaspoon lemon zest

1/2 teaspoon orange zest

Add the orange juice and citrus zest to the frozen mango in a food processor. Blend to creamy.

You may want to pop this back in the freezer for a bit before serving. Top with a little shredded coconut.

Please feel free to share and use this recipe, I make no copyright claims.

ทาน อาหาร ให้ อร่อย นะ (enjoy your meal)

Max is a 200 hour RYT and co-director of Yogatique Bangkok. He has been a vegan, long distance runner and avid skateboarder for over 20 years. He thinks life should be filled with a good sound track, a good work out and good food.

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