My Dogs are Barking

IMG_1379There is a an old American saying, ” My dogs are barking”. It means my feet hurt.  It doesn’t mean my feet are smelly or dirty, just sore.
The brand of shoe “Hush Puppy” is named that as a reference to the expression, “My dogs are barking.” In the case of the shoe, Hush Puppies are supposedly so comfortable they can quiet your puppies – that is, stop your feet from hurting.

One of the things most people probably don’t understand about yoga teachers, is how much time the spend on their feet. I teach every day and sometimes multiple classes a day, my legs and feet get tired. It is probably much like being a hairdresser, except they get a little stool on wheels that they can scoot around on during your cut.

Before we moved to Bangkok, I remember asking Max if I would be able to go for a massage once per week. He said that I would need to find a place that was adorable if I was going every week. I have visited a lot of massage shops during our time here, some expensive and fancy others a bit more rustic and less expensive, but never one that I felt that I could my regular stop…then we moved into the Sukhumvit Soi 23 area. Any one familiar with the area knows that there are a large number of massage shops. Each have a group of women that sit outside and beckon to you in with the siren song of, “massage na ka”. Pretty women aside, most of them just provide massages. It can be annoying if you live in the area and every time you walk up the street all these women are endless calling to you. I think this happens more to Max than me. Me, they all seem to know and they  playfully slap my butt and ask me how I am. If I am with Max they are quite respectful and are not as cheeky.

IMG_1381I heard tell about a place called Tony’s Massage. If you have been in Bangkok for a while you have been there or heard of it.  One day a was sitting having coffee with my friend Boy and this very buff Thai man ran by us. I said, “Hey Boy, who’s the hot guy running?” Turns out it is Tony himself. Which lead to a detailed discussion about the massage shop, Tony and how he and his business fit into the neighborhood.

IMG_1378Tony’s is not a fancy spa, it is a funky old two story shop house. There are no women outside, but sometimes the staff sit outside a share a cigarette. There is no “happy ending” massage. Most of the people that work there are men ( there a a handful of women). The owners little dog is in the shop daily. People from all walks of life go to Tony’s, shop keepers, tourists, rich older Japanese men, street vendors. Regular people, neighborhood people. The workers laugh and joke with each other as they work on your body, they will laugh and joke with you too. I have never had a bad massage at Tony’s and I go once a week…dream come true.


Want to know the best part?

It costs 100 Baht for a one hour Thai massage or a one hour foot massage.

Don’t be a cheapskate, tip generously and tell them P’ Minh sent you.

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