Eat O’Clock

IMG_1258One of the things I like about living and working in the Asoke/Montri area is the way it is changing. When I first started visiting Bangkok in the late ’90’s the area was known for Soi Cowboy, seedy massage shops and perhaps maybe the Prasamit post office. The days are slowly coming to an end. Sure Soi Cowboy doesn’t look like it is going any where fast, but continue walking up the street and you will find small local shops, cafes and restaurants. I like the fact that I can walk around my neighborhood and my neighbors know me, they smile, wave and ask me how I am.

In July a small coffeehouse opened up around the corner from the studio, not a big chain or a little stand on the street, but a cute tiny little space. Max and I waited for a while for it to open and then we stopped by for a visit.


Eat O’Clock is owned and operated by the nicest couple, A and Naty. Naty used to work for a fertilizer company and A at one time worked at a Thai restaurant in Glasgow (this is worth sitting and talking to him about over coffee). The space is long and thin, with blonde hardwood floors and a clean bright atmosphere. The menu is small, a few sandwiches, light snacks and some yummy dessert choices. All the food is freshly made on site. The coffee is great, fresh ground and made while you wait. The prices are not too much more than what you would pay at one of those street side stalls, but the difference is the quality and what genuinely feels like care, that goes into the whole experience.


The cafe is popular with the office workers int he area and the expats that live in the surrounding condo towers. It is a great place to hang out, catch up on some work or sit and chat with two interesting young entrepreneurs.  Bangkok needs less chain stores and more of this type of well run small local business.

Stop by for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat when you are in the area or after a yoga class. Tell them that Kru Minh sent you

Eat O’Clock is open Monday to Saturday 7 am till 6 pm.

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