I Love Coffee

Minh and Khun Boy

Minh and Khun Boy

Anyone who knows me, knows that without a cup of coffee in the morning I am not a very happy camper. While I have nothing particular against the big corporate coffee chains, I always prefer to support a smaller establishment.

One of the first people that I met when we started construction on the studio last year was Khun Boy. I passed his little coffee stand, I Love Coffee on the way to the studio every morning. Boy gets the day started early and so do I, he also has coffee, so it was inevitable that we would meet.

Boy’s stand is a simple affair, with a couple of stools and a fan, situated right outside the doors of his Auntie Wa’s shop. The coffee is straight up and so is Boy. Prices are more than affordable, (in the 40 to 55 Baht range) for a range of fresh ground and fresh pressed coffee and of course Thai iced tea. You can also get a fresh home made Vietnamese style sandwich for under a 100 Baht

Boy’s stand is a place for all the locals in the ‘hood, Thai and expat alike. When I walk by I see our neighbors with dogs, friends with their children, students, business men, waitresses from the local restaurants and tourists from the handful of local hotels and hostels.

I don’t stop by as much any more, since the office area was added to the studio and I can make my own coffee, but I do try to stop by at least once a week to say hi and to support this single father and his small business.

If you are visiting the studio or staying in the area, stop by, pull up a stool, soak up the local ambiance,  enjoy a bit of conversation, and an excellent cup of coffee.

Tell Boy,  P’ Minh sent you.

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