10 Things I Learned from Yogatique’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge – By Casey O’Connell

 It is hard to believe that we have been open for six months!

We have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people over the last six months at the studio, people passing through, yoga teachers, people who live in this great city. It has been a wonderful experience filled with diverse personalities and diverse yoga. To celebrate the New Year, we organized an event that we thought would bring our growing community a little closer and to extol the virtues of establishing a regular yoga practice.


Casey is a young lady that comes all the way from across town to practice with us. We first noticed her a few months back, her sunny personality and strong practice made her stand out. When she signed up for The New Year – New You 30 Day Yoga Challenge we were excited, as yoga studio owners, she is exactly the kind of yogi that you love having in the studio.

Casey rocked the challenge!

Then she sat down and wrote about her experience.

Casey we appreciate your words, not only the kind things you say about the studio and your experiences in it, but how participating in the challenge effected you and your yoga practice. When we set out to organize the event, we hoped that perhaps one person would walk away feeling like you have.

Maybe, Yogatique rocked the challenge too!

Namaste Yogis Bears!

Do you have a Yoga Challenge experience that you would like to share?

Drop us a note at yogatiquebangkok@gmail.com

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