A New Year- A New You – 30 Day Challenge – The Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle Edition

30 days

Beginning January 10 we will be holding our first 30 day challenge. This is not about cramming thirty yoga classes into a month. It is about creating healthy new habits. The goal is to make a series of small changes to our daily lives for thirty day…you know what they say, “make a change for thirty days and it becomes a habit”.

There is an opportunity to collect plus points and minus points depending on your choices.

The Yogis with the highest points will be entered into a draw to win some great prizes (and we have some really good prizes, more on that in the near future)

The thirty days kick off with a fun Vinyasa class, followed by short discussion on the benefits of a healthy diet.

Each Saturday of the thirty days we will hold a mini yoga workshop.

We will also have several guest speakers after the Saturday classes to discuss changes we can make to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The thirty days will end with another fun Vinyasa class, refreshments and the prize draw. ( If you were here for our last open house you know that we can throw a good party)

Stay tuned during the month for updates on events and prizes.

Registration for the class starts Dec 10 and continues to the Jan 10.

There is an early bird special, so don’t miss out.



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